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A little bit of Graphic Design: Logo


I have had the opportunity at the beginning of this year to work on the creation of a Logo for the new NGO P2I.

I have been pretty busy adapting to a new part-time job as a graphic designer and trying to manage time between job and different projects.
I was little stressed this extra Logo project would be something else to deal with and to fit into my schedule. The truth is that I took great pleasure doing this logo and Antoine and Carole, founders of P2I were extremely patient with me too!

There is always a story behind the creation of a logo, just as there is one behind every art work I guess. After having finished a painting, an artist’s book or this logo, I love sitting down and looking back at the different stages the work went through before arriving at its final version! I found good inspiration from some of  Antoine and Carole’s pictures taken in Papua. The noken was an element they particularly liked and I found so many characteristics I could work from. I finally chose the pattern of this woven multifunctional bag used in Papua as a main element and fitting it within a sphere. Then came the decisions about color, font and composition. It all came together after several test. You will find out all about the  NGO on their Website


J’ai eu l’occasion au début de cette année de travailler sur la création d’un logo pour la nouvelle Asbl P2I .


Un des challenges de début d’année était de m’adapter à un nouvel emploi à temps partiel en tant que graphiste et donc de gérer mon temps entre travail et différents projets personnels.
Ce  projet Logo était donc un travail supplémentaire à intégrer dans mon calendrier. J’ai finalement pris beaucoup de plaisir à faire ce logo et Antoine et Carole , fondateurs de P2I ont été très patients avec moi!


Il y a toujours une histoire derrière la création d’un logo, tout comme il y en a une derrière chaque œuvre d’art , je suppose. Après avoir terminé un tableau, un livre d’ artiste ou ce logo , j’aime prendre un moment et penser aux différentes étapes de travail traversées avant d’arriver à la version finale! J’ai été inspirée par des photos d’Antoine et Carole prises en Papouasie . Le noken était un élément qui leurs tenaient particulièrement à coeur et renferme une multitude de caractéristiques à partir desquelles je pouvais travailler. J’ai finalement choisi le motif tissé de ce sac multifonctions utilisé en Papouasie comme un élément principal et l’intégrant dans une sphère. Ensuite, il y a eu le choix des couleurs, de la police et la composition . Après plusieurs essais, tout s’est mis en place . Vous trouverez plus d’informations concernant l’Asbl sur leur site web


What happened this autumn?


The artist books festival, silk screen workshop, illustrations and logos!

This autumn has been full of novelties!

My first exhibition in Barcelona: Festival international del libro ilustrado “Como Pedro por mi Casa!” The result of the hard work done in the summer. Working on different artist books, trying out new printing and book binding techniques.

Photo by Sylvia Gutiérrez Sánchez

Photo by Sylvia Gutiérrez Sánchez

The Mini-books Project:

Photo by Sylvia Gutiérrez Sánchez

Photo by Sylvia Gutiérrez Sánchez

The idea was originated from the Mountain book first made almost 10 years ago at my foundation course in Brighton. I likes the concept but I thought the object needed to be re-thought! I came up then with the idea of the linoleum printing, the sewing of the path, the printing of the small words. But while struggling with the creation of this piece, dealing with new skills, new techniques and difficult materials to handle, I needed something simple and straightforward and that’s how the mini-books came along. And these mini-object had more success than any other 3 projects I had presented in the Festival!

SIllustrations on Le monde n’est pas rond Webzine:

Another happy outcome of this autumn was the publication of two of my illustrations on the new Webzine: Le monde n’est pas rond

The project started originally with Carole Reckinger asking me to illustrate one of her articles. I gave her a couple of propositions which she submited to the editors of the Webzine. One of the illustration was chosen to figure on the web page’s background while the other one figured with Carole’s article:
Indefinite detention: a never-ending Odyssey in the United Kingdom

Indefinite Detention

My studio space at Zona230


After having moved out of Brussels, travelled for 10 months in South America, Australia and India, here I am taking the first steps of a new life in Barcelona.

At the beginning of march, I moved into a new studio space.

The studio is called Zona230 (check out the blog! More photos!), We are a group of 5 artists: 3 printmakers, a painter and myself.
It is like starting a new job with new colleagues,  new space, new atmosphere. And it is very exciting for me. I feel there is a good vibe and it seems like there is going to be a lot work done. Sharing a space is also sharing a passion, sharing inspirations, getting feedback and motivating one another.