What happened this autumn?


The artist books festival, silk screen workshop, illustrations and logos!

This autumn has been full of novelties!

My first exhibition in Barcelona: Festival international del libro ilustrado “Como Pedro por mi Casa!” The result of the hard work done in the summer. Working on different artist books, trying out new printing and book binding techniques.

Photo by Sylvia Gutiérrez Sánchez

Photo by Sylvia Gutiérrez Sánchez

The Mini-books Project:

Photo by Sylvia Gutiérrez Sánchez

Photo by Sylvia Gutiérrez Sánchez

The idea was originated from the Mountain book first made almost 10 years ago at my foundation course in Brighton. I likes the concept but I thought the object needed to be re-thought! I came up then with the idea of the linoleum printing, the sewing of the path, the printing of the small words. But while struggling with the creation of this piece, dealing with new skills, new techniques and difficult materials to handle, I needed something simple and straightforward and that’s how the mini-books came along. And these mini-object had more success than any other 3 projects I had presented in the Festival!

SIllustrations on Le monde n’est pas rond Webzine:

Another happy outcome of this autumn was the publication of two of my illustrations on the new Webzine: Le monde n’est pas rond

The project started originally with Carole Reckinger asking me to illustrate one of her articles. I gave her a couple of propositions which she submited to the editors of the Webzine. One of the illustration was chosen to figure on the web page’s background while the other one figured with Carole’s article:
Indefinite detention: a never-ending Odyssey in the United Kingdom

Indefinite Detention


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